Meet Our Team

Roger Whitmore / Founder, CEO

“After having accumulated a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, it just didn’t feel right to retire and let all that knowledge and expertise wither away with me on a beach. Coming to Asia also reinvigorated my love and passion for providing solid financial advice and good service, which is why I came out of retirement to start Whitmore Capital. I’m honored to work with such an amazing and talented team where each member brings their own gifts and global perspective to the table. The world is getting smaller, and we must all embrace the idea of being global citizens in the way we think, act, live and invest. Our company aims to expand people’s perspective, not only to global and offshore investing, but also to the unlimited opportunities the world has to offer in all aspects of life. Think globally, act locally.”

Charles Grover / Vice President of Sales

“I had been working in the industry for quite some time and I was a bit disillusioned with it all. I then met up with Roger, who I hadn’t seen in years, and he told me about his new venture and, more specifically, the idea behind it, what he wanted to bring back to the industry; the idea that we are here to help people, this is not a faceless industry, it’s a people industry. If you ask any good financial advisor, they would all tell you the same thing; it feels good to make a sound investment, but it means nothing unless that sound investment actually helps to change somebody’s life.”

Arjun Murti / Chief Financial Analyst

“I love what we do and I love Roger’s outlook about helping people to achieve the same lifestyle that he has. I love the fact that when I help one of my clients make a good investment and they make money off it, they ring me to thank me and I can just hear how happy they are. This genuinely gives me such a great satisfaction that I go home happy and content. No matter how much we all love the exhilaration of trying to beat the markets and to find good companies which you know will grow in value, there is nothing like the excitement when you help one of your clients really hit the jackpot with an investment. It’s what we all live for.”

Jacob Harris / Chief Operations Officer

“I stress to my team every morning that we are here to serve our clients, and without them, we don’t have a job.  I think often advisors and brokers get caught up in the excitement of the trading floor, big deals and the allure of billion-dollar bank accounts, but what makes the markets move are the investors, the everyday person, the client. That’s what I love about Roger and Whitmore Capital, he hasn’t lost sight of why we are here; to serve and help people, one day at a time.”

Michael Patterson / Head of Corporate

“My passion for corporate finance is evident in every deal i do and with every client i work with.  Im love my job and i love working with Roger.   We work hard to uncover and create unique investment strategies.  The deals i put together on a corporate level trickle down and provide that same exciting opportunities to all our clients.  The big deals usually only done behind closed doors are made available to everyone here at Whitmore, and i love getting people involved and as excited as i am as we all profit together.”

David Hilton / Chief Financial Officer

“My passion for how the world economy works is what drives me to continue learning everyday so I can share this passion and my knowledge with my clients.  I love getting to know my clients and their stories, and then coming up with unique and individualized strategies and game plans that serve their personal goals.”

Brian Carry / Chief Regulations Officer

“Ever since I left university I was fascinated by the whole idea of speculation and trying to work out which way things will go in the future. It’s kind of like a game where winning also allows you to make money, and that is how I looked at it when I first started out. However, experience then showed me the heartbreak it can cause if things go wrong, and, more importantly, the happiness it can bring to an investor when they secure a better future for themselves. My whole outlook changed and, even though I still feel the excitement of predicting which way things will go in the future in the markets, I now get more enjoyment out of helping people achieve their dreams. This industry is about people, not money.”

Douglas Wells / Chief Investment Officer

“I’m good at analyzing the markets and dissecting companies to work out their true value, and then using my knowledge to invest in the right places. However, before I became a Financial Advisor, this was all a bit bland for me. Then I started using these skills to help others achieve their dreams and it all started to have new meaning.  I am here to help my clients make good investments which will hopefully change their lives for the better. I am here to allow others to achieve the same level of financial stability which I have achieved. I know how important it is to me and so I know how important it is for them. All I can say is  that it gives me immense pleasure to help others create a secure future for themselves.”

Andrew Robertson / Director of Accounts

“I grew up idolizing the world’s movers and shakers and I think I read every book by Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers, Ichan, Soros, Lynch, and so many others. I’ve probably watched a few too many movies too, but that’s how I am, I just love my job. Understanding how the financial world works is fascinating to me and I take pride in what I do. If I can share my knowledge with my clients and help them to better understand their own financial objectives, and if I can then steer them in the right direction, then I’m happy that I’ve done my job properly.”

John Strickland / Director of Institutional Investing

“I hate the way many people view the financial industry, like it’s a world full of Armani suits where everybody is fighting for money and nobody cares about anyone else. I believe securing your financial future is important and I believe that many people need help to know how to do this. I do this job because I genuinely care about people, not because I care about money, and it gives me great pleasure to help people, to hear the delight in their voice when they make money off an investment and they know, for example, that their son’s college fund is now secure.”

Ryan Yi Ling / Senior Accounts Manager

“The thrill of trading on the open markets, and being a part of something bigger then myself is what I love about my job. It’s like I’m a part of a global organic entity that’s always changing and evolving. It’s a challenge every day and one which forces me to stay focused and continue learning and to always be improving. I love sharing this lifelong passion with my clients and friends.”

The Whitmore Family

Business Development

  • Steven Bailey, Director of Business Development
  • Joe Kelly, Business Development Manager
  • Jeremy Levi, Business Development Manager
  • John Wilder, Business Development Manager
  • Michael Kelly, Business Development Manager
  • David White, Business Development Manager
  • Joe Leonard, Business Development Manager
  • Sean Madison, Business Development Manager
  • John Archer, Business Development Manager
  • Tom Birch, Business Development Manager
  • Frank Heywood, Business Development Manager
  • James Markwell, Business Development Manager
  • Harry West, Business Development Manager
  • Victor Slade, Business Development Manager
  • Mark Reid, Business Development Manager

Operations Personnel

  • Mason Smith, Chief Admin Officer
  • Joseph Lee, Director for Administrative Planning
  • Zoey Scott, Operations Analyst
  • Josh Baker, Investment Operations Consultant
  • William Taylor, Regulatory Operations Manager
  • David Lewis, Global Regulatory Operations Senior Manager
  • Alex Jackson, Investment Contract Filing Associate
  • Olivia Moore, Senior Operations Associate
  • Christian Evans, Senior Data Management Specialist
  • Jacob Davis, Executive Assistant


Investment Management Personnel

  • Alex Bishop, Director, Connected Investments and Partnerships
  • Gavin Watson, Private Wealth Senior Manager
  • Henry Jackson, Investment Advisor
  • David Maloney, Investment Advisor
  • Jack Branson, Investment Advisor
  • Melony Fae, Investment Advisor
  • Dennis Tsu, Investment Advisor
  • Kevin Perkins, Director of New Accounts
  • Carson Griffin, Senior Wealth Manager
  • Zachary Diaz, Senior Wealth Manager
  • Braxton Webb, New Account Manager
  • Vinny Ryder, New Account Manager
  • Yusif Peterson, New Account Manager
  • Chin Dong Lee, Finance Director
  • Sam Olson, Business Development Manager
  • Nick Kelly, Senior Manager
  • Robert Adams, Senior Portfolio Administrator
  • Brian Wilson, Client Services Representative


Legal / Global compliance


  • Sam Regan, Senior Compliance Officer
  • Tom Gallagher, Senior Compliance Officer
  • Kevin Henderson, Senior Regulations Officer
  • Naomi Simmons, Accounting Director
  • Eva Hughes, Collections Supervisor
  • George Mason, Risk Management Specialist
  • Tyler Jenkins, Senior Auditor
  • Leo Alexander, Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Nathaniel Wallace, Trade Compliance Officer
  • Clara Grahm, Compliance Officer
  • Tristan Owens, Legal Documentation Specialist
  • Tom Martin, Logistics Coordinator
  • Vincent Reynolds, Global Financial Crimes Compliance Investigator


Equities / Sales


  • John Harris, Private Equity Director
  • Eli Kelly, Broker
  • Roman Fisher, Broker Associate
  • Jordan Perry, Senior Equities Technologist
  • Michael Hall, Portfolio Manager
  • Terry Mitchel, Portfolio Manager
  • Samuel Walker, Portfolio Manager
  • Sydney Ortiz, Portfolio Manager
  • Vincent Chang, Portfolio Manager
  • Donny Simpson, Portfolio Manager
  • Peter Watson, European Equity Sales Manager
  • Aaron Morgan, Asian Equity Product Director
  • Owen Mitchell, USA Equity Sales Manager
  • Adrian Rivera, Sales Specialist
  • Ryan Campbell, Financial Advisor Representative
  • Marcus Berry, Country Account Specialist
  • Charles Bell, Quantitative Options Strategist
  • Connor Bailey, Senior Investment Officer


Global Investment Research & Analysis

  • Carter Young, Investments Analyst
  • Jack Martinez, Money Markets Analyst
  • Daniel Clark, Securities Analyst
  • Lucas Martin, Cost Financial Analyst
  • Scarlett Garcia, Economic Analyst
  • Ian Bryant, Financial Analyst
  • Justin Fisher, Equity Research Analyst
  • Greg Thompson, Data Analyst Manager
  • Caroline Powell, IT Business Analyst
  • Grant Black, Disposition Analyst
  • Cameron Bennett, Data Management Analyst
  • Nathan Steward, Investment Performance Analyst
  • Caleb Wright, Senior Market Analyst
  • Sebastian Carter, Risk Reporting Analyst
  • Dylan Green, Technical Analyst
  • Hazel Long, Senior Business Analyst
  • Mariah Hawkins, Investment Analyst
  • Greyson Freeman, Regional Financial Analyst
  • Kimberly Harrison, Research Analyst
  • Jonah Hunt, Senior Planning and Return Analyst
  • David Payne, Senior Planning and Return Analyst
  • Jason Myers, Senior Research Analyst
  • Jeremiah Price, Asset Management Analyst


Institutional Business

  • Harper Thomas, Corporate Investment Advisor
  • Edward Dunn, Institutional Relationship Manager
  • Preston Wagner, Corporate Bond Sales
  • Miguel Spencer, Institutional Equity Sales Associate
  • Sara knight, Corporate Client Solutions Business Analyst
  • Ivan Boyd, Corporate Strategist
  • Bennet Daniels, Mergers and Acquisitions Manager
  • Maxwell Simpson, Director Multi-Asset Investments
  • Jude Stone, Senior Investment Associate
  • Bryson Hunter, Senior Institutional Investment Coordinator
  • Luis Cole, Investment Banking Analyst
  • Richard Ferguson, Hedge Fund Manager