Let us help you to plan for your retirement and ensure that you are comprehensively covered for every eventuality regardless of where you end up living in.


Here at Whitmore we understand the importance of sound retirement planning and we want to stress that it is never too late to take charge of your own retirement. In light of the fact that people are now living longer than ever before, and are also healthier and thus more active for a longer period, planning for your retirement has become a more complex issue with more factors which you must consider.


Retirement can mean many different things, from embarking on lengthy travels and vacations, to having the time to maintain an active lifestyle, or simply becoming involved in non-profit projects or a secondary ‘hobby-career’. Pension funds are a good way for you to save to allow you to live out your dreams in your retirement age.


However, it is slightly more complicated for expats, who are often transient and may move from country to country in the course of their lifetime, a lifestyle which often restricts them in their attempt to putting a coherent financial plan in place. They often end up with various different funds in different countries which are under different regulations.


One way to resolve this issue is to take out an offshore private retirement plan which will obviously negate the inconvenience of having to open new pension plans and transfer old funds into them every time you move to a new country. The retirement option you set up will remain in one jurisdiction the entire time and will grow tax free since it will be placed in a tax efficient investment jurisdiction. It also means that you are able to withdraw your money from whatever country you end up living in, allowing you an instant freedom you do not have with other pension options.


The benefits of offshore retirement plans are:

  • You are not restricted by your geographical location at any time
  • You are able to set up a pension plan which suits your expat transient lifestyle
  • You are able to make long term plans without the inconvenience of closing down and starting up new pension plans every time you move countries
  • You are able to make use of the numerous offshore jurisdictions available worldwide


Our Whitmore consultants are specialists at setting up the right offshore private retirement plan for you and allowing you to gain access to funds which have been scrutinised and selected by investment experts and structured for whatever type of growth you are seeking.


For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our Whitmore advisors.

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