The financial industry is bound by various regulations which are put in place to ensure that all financial firms and advisors are operating according to fiduciary standards. Here at Whitmore we wholeheartedly agree with this.


All advisory firms are subject to these regulations in order to ensure that they are acting for the welfare of their clients and that any compensation from investments made benefit primarily the client and not the advisor. It does not mean that the advisor is not allowed to charge a fee or claim other compensation, as long as any compensation arrangements are clearly stated by the advisor from the onset.


We absolutely agree with this requirement for transparency and we embrace the idea of complete fiduciary accountability. There are many firms and lobbying groups who have chosen to dismiss and indeed defame these relatively new regulations which have been put in to place for the welfare of the investor, claiming that the rules are often not clear or comprehensive enough. We strongly urge all of our clients to pay attention to this aspect of the investment process, and to demand true fiduciary transparency and accountability from your Financial Advisor.


We believe that the key to your financial success lies in the relationship between you and your Financial Advisor. This relies on trust and honesty in order to build a long-term relationship which will be beneficial to both parties. By promising you complete transparency and by acting according to fiduciary standards, we are confirming that we are acting in your best interests, which will ultimately benefit the relationship between you, our valued client, and your Financial Advisor. We undertake a commitment to you and if our clients require it we agree to provide in writing:


  • Our promise that we always provide advice with the best interest of our clients in mind
  • Our guarantee that we have internal policies which are designed to remove any potential conflicts of interest
  • A full disclosure of any conflicts of interest for our Financial Advisors
  • A full disclosure of any charges or commissions that our clients are subject to


For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our Whitmore advisors.