Expat Investment Advice


We are experts at offering investment guidance for expats.

Whether you are an expat or not, deciding how and where to invest your money can be complicated. There are so many opportunities out there and each investment carries different risk-reward prospects. It can get even more complex for an expat since different jurisdictions have different regulations, and there are more tax issues to deal with on account of the fact that you are living in a different country to that of your origin for an unspecified amount of time. Your living circumstances may change at any given time and you may need to take this into account when thinking of what to with your money. Expats tend to prefer offshore investments due to the tax benefits they carry, as well as the convenience of offshore accounts since they can handle multiple currencies which best serve your transient nature.


We specialize in helping expats to navigate through the myriad of choices available to you, and to help you to understand which vehicles offer you the best opportunities, as well as advising you in how to utilize the regulations of different jurisdictions in order to take advantage of any tax mitigations. We can help you to understand how to spread your investment risk across different regions. We will also help you to work out how much of your portfolio should be allocated offshore, as well as taking the time to explain the different regulatory and legislative procedures of each offshore jurisdiction.


We should stress that we do not work in poorly regulated countries with tax evasion reputations, but rather we concentrate on well-regulated jurisdictions which can offer lower tax rates.


For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our Whitmore advisors.


  • A range of financial products available for expats
  • Offshore current accounts
  • How to manage your investments through multiple currencies
  • Tax efficient offshore investment opportunities
  • Tax mitigation through offshore centers
  • Investment portability and flexibility
  • QROPS, QNUPS and other pension plans
  • International mortgages

Nyan Yi Ling

Senior Account Manager