Currency Management


Let us increase your company’s profits by managing your currency requirements.

When your business is an international company with multiple cross-border transactions, it is inevitable that you will have to spend considerable time moving money around the world and juggling between different currencies. This has the potential to cut into your business costs and thus your profitability since most banks will charge a heavy commission on currency transfers, as well as the fact that, without the right guidance, you can end up making costly mistakes on any currency exchanges.


We have extensive knowledge in this field and we are experts at moving money around different parts of the world and dealing with international transactions, and we are able to offer you significantly better exchange rates than banks for any foreign exchange business deal.


Our services include:


  • Payment processing
  • Wage payments
  • Asset purchases
  • Annual insurance payments
  • Intercompany transfers
  • International transfers
  • Futures contracts
  • Market orders


We can take the stress out of dealing with currency exchanges and international transactions. Let us help you.


For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our Whitmore advisors.