Client Presentation – Connected Investment Platform

Introducing Connected Investments


Connected Investments | Global Opportunities

Whitmore Capital’s Connected Investments Platform was designed to connect individual investors and institutional investors, together we invest globally across different stages of funding.


Whitmore Capital seeks early stage, high growth, post seed round and private equity opportunities specifically focused on technology companies with sustainable revenues generally within the sharing economy sector.

We are focused on providing a portfolio approach to investing in private technology companies that will typically meet the following characteristics:


  • 1-5 years of operation;
  • run by the founders matched by an experienced execution team;
  • proven business model with attractive KPIs;
  • ability to generate repeat revenue;
  • huge market opportunity with global revenue opportunities; and
  • require capital to accelerate growth and maximise the opportunity.


We are seeking companies that have the opportunity to be a leading vertical disruptor and while we are not limited to geography and sector, our current pipeline has identified investment opportunities across primary industries of health, financial services, education, agriculture and mining.

We are typically looking for technology that provides one or more of


  • software-as-a-service;
  • eCommerce;
  • commercial use of big data;
  • enterprise software;
  • subscription based cloud solutions; and
  • online marketplaces.


If you are seeking funding and believe your business goals match our investment targets, contact us here