Roger Whitmore’s Journey

Roger Whitmore started his career in the financial services and investment sector in 1969 in sales in travellers’ equities, thus setting off on what became a vocational journey as a Financial Advisor and Investment Broker for the next four decades. His career saw him working for some of the most prestigious investment houses around the world, gaining an unrivalled cross-border experience and a truly global outlook, and he has seen the financial world go through many changes, himself evolving with it after dealing with the numerous challenges presented along the way.

Having achieved his own financial independence, he finally retired in Asia to spend his golden years living out the expat dream life. However, having been a proactive individual for so long, he soon got the urge to work again. He noticed that there was a severe lack of quality and trustworthy expatriate financial services available in the Asia-Pacific region, and, unable to let his considerable and extensive experience and a lifetime of invaluable knowledge go to waste, he decided to open Whitmore Capital.

He wanted to create a team of passionate and eager Financial Advisors who resided abroad and thus had an understanding of the financial concerns of expats and those persons living a transitional lifestyle. He wanted to build a company comprised of honest and trustworthy individuals who were willing to work hard in order to service the growing number of expats in Asia or indeed any other part of the world.

He succeeded. Today, we are Asia’s foremost authority on expat financial concerns, and the leading investment advisors for the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, as well as being absolute experts on the advantages of offshore jurisdictions and the different regulations concerning each one.


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The Gold Standard for Offshore & Expat Financial Services

  • We have helped over 220 companies with their offshore incorporation.
  • Recognized as one of Asia’s fastest growing firms.
  • Vast network of international advisors from 12 different countries.
  • Offshore banking and international wealth management specialists.


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Whitmore Leadership

Whitmore Capital is led by some of the most experienced and successful financial professionals in the industry.  Roger handpicked each team member for their unique and highly specialised skills, with each bringing decades of experience and the global perspective that makes the Whitmore Capital difference.


Jacob Harris

Chief Operations Officer

Douglas Wells

Chief Investment Officer

David Hilton

Chief Financial Officer

Roger Whitmore

CEO / Founder

Why Whitmore


We are Asia’s foremost experts in providing superior expat financial services to a diversified expatriate client base.


We are a leading wealth management firm which provides a wide range of financial services to an extensive clientele, catering to both financial institutions, high net worth individuals and independent investors. We are based in Asia and we specialise in advising expats living abroad, offering guidance in expatriate wealth management services, offshore investing, international money transfers and currency exchange, as well as pensions and retirement planning.


Our team is comprised of a group of dedicated and passionate financial consultants and market analysts who have been living and working abroad for a number of years. Our team members have devoted themselves to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of expat investment opportunities and any other financial concerns relating to expats. We offer high quality financial products to expats worldwide, with a firm focus on the Asia-Pacific region, including pensions, insurance, buying real estate, and estate planning, which are all slightly more complex areas when you are living abroad.


Furthermore, we ensure that our business model is based on complete transparency and a strong fiduciary responsibility. We pledge to you, our valued clients, that there are no hidden fees or commissions and that you will not be assaulted with any back-end charges that catch you unawares. We believe that it’s time to end the old-fashioned and deliberately confusing model that has been the norm in the international financial advisory industry.

We are here to offer you a simple and efficient service which is client-led and based on transparency. We believe that your financial future success relies on your relationship with your financial advisor, and that trust and honesty are the foundations for a long-term bond. We want to work with you for many years to come.