Whitmore Capital announce the expansion of their work opportunity program with new partnerships in China

Whitmore is proud to finally confirm the beginning of several strategic new partnerships with various universities in China as we look to expand our horizons and resource networks, as well as tapping into the future workforce marketplace as we seek to identify the financial advisors of tomorrow.

In light of our recent move into the China market, our HR department has been in discussions with several academic institutions for a number of months with the intention of finding the best talent available to help our company grow and become an industry leader in the Asia-Pacific region.

This is a step which we feel is necessary in order for us to stay aligned with our policy of equal work opportunities and with our intention to have a strong presence throughout the Asia-Pacific region. We have spent many months scrutinizing and assessing the best universities for business in China , and we have chosen the most suitable ones, most notably including  Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Fudan University.

We aim to undertake a four-step process whereby we effectively recruit potential targets as they embark on their university career, and then proceed to nurture them, sponsor them, and help in any way within our means as they complete their studies.

We begin by first identifying the likely undergraduates and then starting an intensive interviewing process in order to gauge the applicant’s desire and aptitude, before then selecting our chosen candidates and putting them through further tests in order to be fully able to assess their talent and ambition.

The next step is to recruit the most capable and enthusiastic candidates and introduce them to our company in order for them to familiarize themselves with the financial industry, before then training them up at our own expense in order for them to be fully cognizant and thus able to start working for our firm within a reasonable time-frame. This will all run concurrently with their studies.

We feel that this is a positive step for both the development of our company and the overall advancement of the financial industry in this fast-growing region. Furthermore, we feel that our presence in the vast and still developing market of  China will result in a more comprehensive service for our valued clients.

Roger Whitmore said, “This unprecedented move away from the normal recruitment procedure is one I wholeheartedly agree with and fully support. We are identifying the best minds of tomorrow and undertaking to help them achieve their dreams and ambitions by sponsoring their studies, while at the same time introducing them to our company and helping them to understand our ethos and principles, as well as giving them a glimpse of the financial industry’s working environment. We feel that this is the basis for long-term employer-employee relationships since both parties are given plenty of time to establish a bond which will ultimately propel our firm and the chosen candidates forward.”


About Whitmore Capital:

Whitmore Capital is a leading wealth management firm which provides a wide range of financial services to an extensive clientele, catering to both financial institutions, high net worth individuals and independent investors. We are based in Malaysia and we specialise in advising expats living abroad, offering guidance in expatriate wealth management services, offshore investing, international money transfers and currency exchange, as well as pensions and retirement planning.