Connected Investments

Connected Investments

Discover a new world of opportunity

Introducing Whitmore Capital’s Connected Investments

Whitmore Capital’s connected investment initiative connects investors globally, maximising opportunity while minimising risk.

We are a leading wealth management firm which provides a wide range of financial services to an extensive clientele, catering to both financial institutions, high net worth individuals and independent investors. We are based in Asia and have built a reputation  based on advising expats living abroad, offering guidance in expatriate wealth management services, offshore investing, international money transfers and currency exchange, as well as pensions and retirement planning.

Our team is comprised of a group of dedicated and passionate financial consultants and market analysts who have been living and working abroad for a number of years. Our team members have devoted themselves to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of expat investment opportunities and any other financial concerns relating to expats. We offer high quality financial products to expats worldwide as well as more individual investors who recognise the opportunities that offshore investment can provide, with a firm focus on the Asia-Pacific region, including pensions, insurance, buying real estate, and estate planning, which are all slightly more complex areas when you are living abroad.



We Will Help You To Maintain Your Wealth.

Once you have achieved positive returns from your investments and you have built up your funds with considerable capital, you may need help in managing it. The more money you have, the more choices you have with what to do with it. Accumulating wealth is not the same as holding on to it or deciding how best to use it, and you will probably need to make adjustments to your long-term investment strategy as you get closer to achieving your financial independence.
We can help you to decide whether to make more investments or to put it all into a safe retirement plan, we can help you with your estate planning in order for you to secure a financial legacy for your loved ones, we can guide you through the myriad of offshore options available to you, and we can offer accounting assistance and tax advice. We will help to ensure that the profits that you make through your investments with us help you to achieve your goals. Let us help you to manage your wealth.

Global Perspective & Resources

We service clients from over 40 countries from 5 strategically located offices.

Let us help you to manage your wealth.

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