The Team You Can Trust

Jacob Harris

Chief Operations Officer

Douglas Wells

Chief Investment Officer

David Hilton

Chief Financial Officer

Roger Whitmore

CEO / Whitmore

“Reliable Service from a Trustworthy Company”

Whitmore Capital showed me that there are firms in this industry who actually care about their clients as people.

-Monique Bush

“Reliable Service from a Trustworthy Company”

What puts Whitmore above all the others is the careful attention that they give me at all times. Nothing is too much trouble and they answer all my questions with complete honesty.

-Jonathan Hill

“Reliable Service from a Trustworthy Company”

It’s hard to find a wealth management company that you can completely trust, but in Whitmore I have found a group of people who seem to genuinely care about helping me.

-Robin Hammond

“Reliable Service from a Trustworthy Company”

I signed up with Whitmore and within two years I doubled the funds in my investment portfolio. They know the investment world and they always seem to be one step ahead of the game.

-Tom Robinson and Meredith Green

“Reliable Service from a Trustworthy Company”

As an expat living in Malaysia, I was just looking for a firm I could trust. I found that in Whitmore.

-Wilfredo Hauser

Expat Solutions

Here at Whitmore we understand what it means to be an expat  and the challenges that can come with a modern global lifestyle.  Whitemore Capital was founded with the vision to create a full-service financial institution that specializes in helping you to achieve your dreams of living, working or retiring in paradise. Whitmore Capital will ensure that you realize your financial goals.

Corporate Solutions

Whitmore Capital offers a full range of international corporate financial services including comprehensive specialization in Mergers & Acquisitions, offshore corporate solutions, and global institutional investing. Our specialized team can help your company to expand and enter new and emerging markets, as well as diversifying your portfolio on a global scale.

Investment Solutions

Roger Whitmore and his team of financial experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you identify, achieve and manage your financial goals. Whether you’re an expat, dreaming of retiring abroad, or just looking for a Financial Advisor you can trust, we will help you along the way. From the trading floor to the latest IPO, we keep you one step ahead of the market.

Why Asia?

Home to half of the world’s population, Asia is a driver of global consumption with incredible long-term potential for expansion. Along with several of the world’s most stable and wealthy nations, most of the fastest growing economies lie in Asia. This economic diversity makes Asia the ideal place for any range of investment goals.